The 23rd of August 2017, will go down in history as the day that South African business made a pledge to the nation, to do everything in their power, to ensure a brighter and more prosperous future for all South Africans.

Unveiled at East Bank Community Hall in Alexandra, Gauteng, Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) announced its contract with South Africa. This contract, is a declaration from 80 of the largest corporations and major multinational companies in South Africa, focusing on six key areas that together #BusinessBelieves will drive opportunity and inclusive growth across the country.

BLSA members commit to a contract with South Africa.

We will do all we can to:

Create jobs, by growing the economy
South African businesses have created over 2.65 million jobs since 1993 . Our aim is to create even more jobs.

Encourage and empower senior black leadership
Ultimately, the best way to close the opportunity gap is to invest in more businesses owned, run by and employing black South Africans. We pledge to grow a new generation of black business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Invest in South Africans
South Africa can only meet the challenges of the future with a highly-skilled workforce. We will train South African managers and workers for the challenges ahead.

Invest in communities
Business owes it to South Africans to do more to ensure the communities in which it operates thrive and prosper.

Support small businesses
They should be the lifeblood of our economy but too often they struggle. It is our duty to help them succeed by financing new businesses, training and mentoring entrepreneurs for success.

We will work to end the scandals of corruption in the public and private sector that have blighted this society. Wherever we see corruption we will cry ‘Not in my name’.

Business in South Africa wants to play their part in ensuring that South Africa works for everyone, #BusinessBelieves in South Africa. #BusinessBelieves in South Africa’s future.