Business is the driver of growth in the economy, and in turn economic growth reduces unemployment by increasing labour.

Economic growth is a major factor in reducing absolute levels of poverty and enabling a rise in life expectancy. Economic growth improves standards of living and improves efficiency – by consuming more goods and services, standards of living are improved.

Showcase business’ efforts 

The Solidarity Fund is a perfect example of what coming together as a nation can achieve. Big businesses assisted in various ways for no benefit by donating goods (cash donations, paying suppliers early/earlier, food hampers, hygiene hampers, PPPE equipment, tents), services (transport, pro bono These are some of the stories that people don’t hear about business, or rather take for granted. BLSA will showcase these actions in their digital campaign and further call on business to do more.

 Readiness to move forward

Business is vital to a country’s economy. The success of businesses can drive the success of an entire country, thus leading SA Inc back towards investment grade status.

BLSA members have proudly gone beyond the call of duty to provide monetary and food item support to relief organizations, households, schools, shelters, hospitals and support centres in need.

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