Business Against Crime

The organization was established by Business in 1996 in response to a request from then President Nelson Mandela who invited Business to join hands with Government in the fight against crime. It is a special purpose vehicle, with the sole mandate to engage and give support to Government on crime-related matters, through facilitating the leveraging of skill and expertise from Businesses.

BACSA has two distinct roles. The first is to facilitate leadership in Businesses to ensure their ‘own house is in order’ by eliminating crime-enabling processes, systems and approaches, and improving crime prevention measures within the control of business. The second is to partner with Government, when invited, by sharing expertise, information, processes and technologies resident in Businesses.

These roles are fulfilled primarily by mobilising Business skills and resources in Government-defined areas of need, and the strategic alignment and coordination of Business’ anti-crime strategies and priorities.

Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA) is a division of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) and is completely reliant on the commitment and generosity of companies who provide the necessary financial and other support, allowing Business Against Crime South Africa to fulfil its mandate. Since its inception, BACSA has supported Government’s anti-crime efforts in a wide variety of areas across the Criminal Justice System as well as the Business sector.

Acting on the needs expressed by Government, BACSA will develop project processes to address the problems identified by Government. Once the projects have been piloted and the role out phases has been completed, the Best Practices developed by BACSA will then be institutionalised in Government.