Engerprise is a core lever for South Africa’s inclusive growth, transformation, and development of human capital. Business recognises that it has both rights and responsibilities. Businesses and the societies in which they operate are indivisibly linked; the health of one affects the health of the other.

A South Africa that is good for enterprise is one which attracts investment; where markets function effectively; and political, social and economic conditions create stability and certainty that provide a platform for commercial enterprise to thrive.

Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) pursues an agenda in the shared interest of all business and society as a whole. Our idea of ‘enterprise’ bridges privately-owned, state-owned and foreign-owned firms. All have their role to play in building South Africa by creating value for the nation and financing the state’s redistributive efforts.

The benefit to South Africa of the core ‘business of business’ – providing ever better products at better prices, and generating jobs, tax revenues and collective savings – is important. BLSA expects the highest ethical standards of its members and as a minimum to comply with all of the laws of the country. BLSA is also committed to transforming the business sector and supporting black-owned and managed supplier buinesses.  BLSA embraces the BBBEE scorecard in a way that gives weight to substance over form that acknowledges the role of business as a positive force for society.

Our policy advocacy is aimed at reducing the costs and risks of doing business in South Africa. BLSA is actively looking outward to form principled alliances with members of civil society to advance the Constitution and ensure the integrity of state institutions. We will continuously engage in policy formulation on a broad range of topics.

BLSA is an association of South Africa’s largest corporations and major multinational companies with a significant presence in South Africa. These companies are represented on Business Leadership’s Council and Board at the level of Chief Executive Officer or Chairman. Members are committed to the national goals of addressing the challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

On 25 November 2005, the South Africa Foundation changed its name and brand to BLSA. The Foundation, founded in 1959, has a rich history of contributing and showing business’ commitment to South Africa.